Comma Insure

Insurance that enables short pauses between places in your life.

Switch your cover on when you need it and off when you don’t.
Only pay for what you use.

What makes Comma Insurance different?

Let’s say you’ve insured your bike. Switch on your cover when you go out for a ride to protect your bike and switch it off when you come home to protect your pocket. You’ll only pay for the cover you use. Isn’t that neat?

Finally, its flexible insurance that keeps you in control while protecting your stuff and your pocket.

The benefits of Comma Insurance

Cover on your terms

Switch your cover on and off. Protect your stuff and your pocket.

Super easy claims

It’s never been easier to claim. Just WhatsApp us.

24 hour convenience

You can contact us on WhatsApp 24/7- we’ve got you!

How Comma Insurance works

Only want comprehensive insurance when you use your stuff?

That’s super easy. Simply switch your cover on or off when you need it.

Manage your stuff’s cover anywhere, anytime through WhatsApp.

Now you can protect your pocket, by pausing your insurance when you don’t need it.

Frequently asked questions

How do I claim?

Simply WhatsApp us on +2760 086 5354, email us on info@comma.insure or call us on 087 550 6163.

How is my premium calculated?
Your premium is calculated based the type of item you have insured, the amount you have insured it for and the best part – based on the amount of time your cover is switched on.
When am I covered?
You are covered from the moment you switch your cover on.
When am I not covered?
From the moment you switch off your cover, you are not covered. Should you not take reasonable precautions to protect your stuff, you will also not be covered. Please refer to the T&Cs for more details about when you are not covered.
How do I switch my cover on/off?

To switch your cover on or off, simply WhatsApp us on +2760 086 5354.

Am I covered when I am on the go?
Yes! Comma Insurance covers you worldwide.
Am I covered for the full value of my items?
Yes! You are covered for the full value of your items but it is your responsibility to make sure we know what the value of your item is.
Am I covered against theft, loss and damage?
Yes! You can claim in the event of theft, loss or damage.
What can I cover?
Laptops and tablets, cameras, sound and gaming equipment, sporting equipment, electronic wrist devices, bicycles and wheelchairs, GPSs and camping and caravan equipment.
Are my personal details secure?
Everything is private and confidential. None of your information will be shared or sold.

Categories we cover